Marlin Offers a Simple, Open & Elegant Solution

A Marlin solution allows you to meet your content distribution objectives. It gives you a competitive business advantage and a strategic position within the content value chain.

Achieve your content distribution business objectives

Simple Open Elegant

Marlin keeps the complexity out of consumer environment Marlin promotes standards and open community development to ensure broad acceptance of commercial-grade, leading-edge technology Marlin enables interoperability of content and devices while allowing differentiation on implementation choices

Consumers buy more devices, use more services, and access more content Content distribution services respond quickly and efficiently to market needs A rich variety of services and devices emerge that generate powerful mobile computing, broadband, and IPTV/broadcast choices

Marlin’s powerful features are enabled by its unique capabilities in rights management, technology architecture, and community approach. For more information on Marlin’s features and benefits and the results they create, see this detailed list of Marlin’s Features and Benefits.

Keep your business models competitive

The way to protect business models is to keep them updated and responsive to real consumer interests. Marlin gives device makers, service providers, and content distributors a technology strategy to capture and commercialize the emerging value-add content world. See detailed business models choices.

Free your media distribution strategy

Marlin recognizes that in today’s world, a successful media distribution strategy is one that works for all value chain participants (content providers to service providers to device makers to consumers). If transactions are based on natural relationships that occur within a context of security and credibility, then services and devices are free to share content.