About Marlin

Marlin DRM is an open-standard content protection system for audio-visual content distribution ecosystems and associated consumer devices and services.


Companies worldwide are involved in Marlin’s membership as partners, adopters, developers, and trusted services providers.

History & Founders

Marlin started in January 2005 when Intertrust Technologies, Panasonic Corporation, Royal Philips Electronics, Samsung Electronics and Sony Corporation—joined forces to develop a next-generation content protection technology.

Today, Marlin DRM is much more than a technology specification. Companies that want to deploy a content protection solution can work with one of several Marlin solution providers. For example, Intertrust, offers a comprehensive Marlin-compliant solution that includes a hosted service and SDKs for mobile apps and embedded devices.

A Thriving Open Environment

Several national initiatives and other standards bodies have adopted Marlin. YouView in the UK, TivùOn! in Italy, and the IPTV Forum Japan currently use Marlin DRM exclusively as their content protection technology. Since the Japanese initiative kicked off in 2007, Marlin technology is used in the vast majority of popular Internet TV services in that country. Marlin is also the most widely deployed DRM in China and Southeast Asia.

In addition, a growing number of consumer devices, including set top boxes, network Blu-ray Players, and smart TVs from most major manufacturers, are Marlin-enabled. In all, there is a growing base of more than one billion Marlin-enabled devices in the global market.

Marlin Developer Community

Innovation Engine

The Marlin Development Community (MDC) is the main organization driving the development of Marlin DRM through an open community development process.

The MDC is responsible for publishing Marlin specifications and driving developer reviews, updates, and specification enhancements. This openness enables any member of the community to contribute code.

Marlin Trust Management Organization (MTMO)

The Marlin Trust Management Organization (MTMO) grants commercial licenses for deploying Marlin-based devices or services. The MTMO ensures that Marlin implementations are tested, secure, and market ready. It also ensures all Marlin solutions conform to appropriate standards and can interoperate.