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Company Profile

  • Established in 2001, VIT is a CMMI Level-2, STPI licensed Software Services Company headquartered in Bangalore, India.
  • Our range of services include: design and development of software components for product companies; mobility solutions for the retail, utility, facilities, and mining industries; and application integration for Oracle Apps.
  • We have domain expertise in computer graphics, customized enterprise solutions, wireless applications, collaborative technologies, and Web applications.

Key MPP Focus

  • Application development and implementation testing

Marlin Solutions

VIT has developed a deep understanding of Marlin technologies and products in the following areas:

  • Testing – VIT has been actively involved in developing a test framework for Marlin  devices. It has also helped to ensure that Marlin devices and servers are tested and pass the Conformance Test Suite that was developed by the Marlin Community. This framework is intended to enable the Marlin Community to certify that Marlin-based devices conform to the specifications. VIT helped Intertrust Technologies Corp. to add tests for Sushi DRM, to ensure that there is adequate test coverage.
  • System Integration – VIT helped Intertrust to build an out-of-box solution integrating Marlin services and devices showcasing how Marlin-based DRM technology works.
  • Prototype building – VIT helped Marlin community members build prototypes for different specifications.



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Shrinivas Kulkarni, Project Manager
Krishna Murthy, Senior Manager

5th Floor, Janardhan Towers, 
Residency Road, 
Bangalore, 560 025 – INDIA.

(+91)(80) 2224-9715