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Company Profile

  • Verimatrix is independently acknowledged as the global number one leader in IPTV content protection. Award-winning products, a global roster of Tier 1 operator deployments and a comprehensive technical vision put Verimatrix at the forefront of the pay-TV business.
  • Our “3 Dimensional Content Security” approach builds on these firm foundations to address the new challenges facing pay-TV. Service providers need to deliver competitive services that cross the boundaries of network type and device format, and address the full spectrum of content security threats.
  • We offer a range of solutions built on a common core of modern, software-based security technologies that bring real cost advantages over legacy approaches. Our layered content security approach offers a transparent consumer experience that helps establish the new competitive standard for innovative network operators – Any Screen, Any Network, Any Threat.

Key MPP Focus

  • The Verimatrix key focus areas as a Marlin Partner are to:
  • Support standards-centric DRM capabilities on a wide variety of CE devices
  • Offer a unified and transparent content security experience for pay-TV operators and consumers
  • Provide leading-edge product technology to reinforce our System Integrator relationships

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Petr Peterka, CTO

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