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Company Profile

  • SecureMedia is the world’s most experienced provider of proven open platform content protection software for the delivery of video-on-demand, IPTV, multimedia, music and other digital content over broadband IP networks.
  • Winner of the industry’s highest award: the 2008 IPTV World Series Award for best content protection, SecureMedia was the first company to introduce the Hollywood studios and leading broadcasters to the advantages of software-based content security systems. Today, SecureMedia enables “Entertainment Everywhere!™” by delivering innovative digital media content security solutions, including the popular Encryptonite ONE™ System CA/DRM software suite, the eONE™ PC Media Player and comprehensive software developer kits.
  • Founded in 1996 and headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, SecureMedia, a Cavalier Telephone and TV company, services its global customers with offices in San Francisco, London, Amsterdam, Dubai, Beijing and Auckland aided by representatives in Moscow, Stockholm, Bucharest, Paris, Ried, Pretoria, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Seoul, Taipei and Melbourne. For more information .

Key MPP Focus

  • Many years of experience in digital cryptography, application development, embedded systems integration and software design.
  • Well positioned in knowing how DRM systems relate to one another




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Paul Osborne,  General Manager, Research and Development
Fred Ellis, COO
Jim Welch, Director, Worldwide Marketing and Communications

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