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Company Profile

  • MPS, incorporated in 2003, is headquartered in Sweden with subsidiaries in the UK and the USA.
  • The core foundation of all MPS products and services is the MPS Publishing Platform (“MPP”), which is an end-to-end content management platform for web-TV, mobile video and IPTV. The MPP is a robust, scalable and highly functional digital publishing platform.
  • Having spent the last five years developing the MPP, the Company has now completed its development phase. Commercial rollout started in Q3 2007.
  • MPS has a good understanding of what end-users want, having managed multiple services with multiple business models for over five years. The MPP has been accredited by major content rights holders, including Warner Brothers, Universal Pictures and Buena Vista.

Key MPP Focus

MPS sees the industry adoption of an open standards content protection solution, such as Marlin, to be key to the widespread use of DRM technologies in the media industry.  To facilitate this, MPS will focus on the ongoing use of Marlin as a key content protection component of the core MPS Publishing Platform technology. This means that:

  • MPS currently is in the process of integrating Marlin packaging and License delivery as core components of the MPS Publishing Platform.
  • MPS will investigate the possibility of offering Marlin content decryption in browser-based PC video players and storefronts as part of the standard MPS Service offering.
  • MPS will work actively with customers and partners, promoting Marlin technology as a premiere content protection solution, and also offer technical support to customers wishing to implement Marlin DRM in their custom video portals.


Marlin Solutions

MPS is in the process of integrating Marlin technology in the MPS Publishing Platform, a turnkey solution for ingesting, managing, presenting and distributing digital content.  The MPS solutions, with added support for Marlin Technology, allow for ingesting and delivering Marlin-wrapped content, together with full support for dynamic license delivery based on the license rule templates and transactional data. Licenses and other Marlin services are provided through the MPP to any Marlin-compliant client devices.



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