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Company Profile

  • MarkAny, Inc. was founded in 1999 and has been the leading development company of peer-to-peer distributed DRM and watermarking technology. We are providing the trusted e-security environment for internal security solutions for manufacturers, financial institutions, and government ministries and offices, and media content security solutions for telecommunications online services, e-learning services, and so on. Our mission is to build an e-secured world by protecting internal information, provisioning safe and reliable documents, and safeguarding digital copyrights from illegal copy and distribution. By supplying the core security technologies containing DRM and watermarking technology, our company is delivering a more stable and profitable business for various industries. Known as a pioneer in the DRM and watermarking arena, we offer robust security solutions in each field of industry. An altogether new application for these products would be tapping DRM and watermarking technology. Further opportunities for our products exist in e-security areas, such as IT compliance and IT governance.
  • MarkAny has four strategic product lines: Document SAFER, E-Page SAFER, Content SAFER, and Watermarking Technology. These product lines all share the core technology, and they enable domination of the target and niche markets for various suppliers that differ in platforms, packaging, and distribution channels.
  • Our goal is to obtain global brand name recognition as the top solutions vendor providing IT security solution suites.
  • MarkAny is also developing a device component for OMA DRM v1.0/v2.0 and Windows Media DRM in various devices, such as normal handset devices, Windows Mobile devices, embedded Linux devices, and so on. 


Key MPP Focus

  • Vertical market solution needs assessment



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Johnston Yoon, General Manager of Global Business Development

10F Ssanglim Building, 151-11, Ssanlim-dong, Jung-gu, 
Seoul, Republic of Korea