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  • INKA ENTWORKS is the DRM interoperability innovator whose technology provides complete DRM interoperability between WMDRM, OMA and iPod.
  • INKA successfully commercialized its DRM Adopter solution in the Korean market, and its EXIM patent was registered as a Korea TTA standard for DRM interoperability. DRM Adaptor is PC-based software that enables DRM-protected content to be translated into other DRM formats, which results in the ability to play content in portable devices deploying different DRM systems. DRM Adapter supplies the market of those who want WMDRM, OMA and iPod interoperability that efficiently expands the ecosystem for content service providers, device manufacturers, and end consumers. DRM Adapter provides maximum portable device compatibility with DRM-protected content, with no changes required on the DRM systems of the service providers or on the DRM systems deployed in the devices.
  • INKA’s technology aims to deliver a user-friendly content service model by providing content and portable device compatibility that has successfully solved industry-specific challenges and brought greater value to its customers.

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  • Application development evaluation



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