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Company Profile

  • icube Corporation is a total solution provider of IPTV and broadcasting services. Since its inception, icube has been committed to technology leadership in the targeted areas. As a result of continuous efforts, icube made breakthrough R&D achievements in these fields. The core competitive advantages of icube are: an optimal IPTV system that integrates digital broadcasting technology and know-how with P2P, and complete systems based on original design and development.
  • The objective of icube is to enable mass users to experience “high quality and easy access” of digital entertainment by integrating multimedia, IPTV and broadcasting technologies, which icube has accumulated over the past ten years.  In addition, the core strategic direction of icube is to provide solutions for integrated home network services leveraging broadband Internet service.

Key MPP Focus

  • Application development evaluation



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SangSuk Lee, Director

Specialty Construction Center 25F, 395-70 Shindaebang-2dong, Dongjak-gu, 
Seoul 156-714, Korea