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Company Profile

  • Hitachi provides video delivery system software that includes the content delivery program, the license management program Videonet.CAS/DRM, and the content creation assistance program for IPTV services.
  • is a Hitachi content delivery program for video delivery systems that delivers video in the MPEG-2 and H.264/AVC formats on receipt of a request from a Net TV. Videonet.CAS/DRM is a Hitachi license management program that supports the Marlin IPTV-ES specification and protects digital content copyrights. is a content creation assistance program that automates operation from the generation of multiple-speed content to the registration of content. It also encodes content at a speed multiple, adds time stamps to transport streams, encrypts content and generates i-frame information files.
  • Hitachi also provides system solutions that apply Videonet software for video delivery services.

Key MPP Focus

  • Network with system integrators for market requirements determination and potential sales leads.

Marlin Solutions

  • Hitachi provides a license management program, Videonet.CAS/DRM, based on the Marlin IPTV-ES specification. Videonet.CAS/DRM is applicable to multicast, VOD (Video On Demand), and download services and supports each service with one system. It generates a Marlin license and delivers the license to clients such as IPTV on receipt of a license request.
  • Videonet.CAS/DRM is adopted in the commercial business video delivery service in Japan.
  • To download a copy of Hitachi’s VOD Server/DRM Server product sheet, click here
  • To download a copy of Hitachi’s Video Delivery Server product sheet, click here




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