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Company Profile

  • Founded in 2000, Fasoo.com set a landmark in the DRM industry as the first commercial DRM solution provider.  Based on the core technology of their DRM platform, Fasoo.com provides total DRM solutions and services applicable to any types of digital content on any devices and to any applications.
  • Today, over 600 enterprises/organizations and 600,000 individual users are Fasoo.com’s proud customers, including SAMSUNG, POSCO, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, The Blue House (Office of the President), HITACHI, TOSHIBA, and so on. Through a wide range of DRM service offerings for years, Fasoo.com has acquired innovative expertise in DRM technologies and has provided best-in-class DRM solutions, which have proven their reliability and scalability in the market.
  • Fasoo.com’s DRM technologies are used for persistent protection of various types of digital content, including classified documents, applications, CAD, images, video, music and more. So it helps you, both content providers and individual users, to securely protect your valuable information from misuse and illegal distribution, regardless of differences in environment within enterprises.
  • Now Fasoo.com is growing at full speed, with a goal of becoming known as the “Global DRM Leader” with highly advanced DRM technologies and countless deployments of DRM solutions worldwide. With Fasoo.com, explore the full possibilities of safe information sharing and a complete digital workplace.


Key MPP Focus

  • Application development evaluation



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17th Fl., Business Center, Nuritkum Square,
1605 Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, 
Seoul, Korea (121-270)