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Company Profile

  • EnRich (Shanghai) began operations in China in October 2005, focusing on the DTV market. Products include: Cable VOD system, information broadcasting system, embedded television systems etc. The company has many patented technologies for interactive DTV applications.
  • The company aims to operate commercially in ‘product + service’ mode by establishing a nationwide interactive television service platform and selling the component products. Today, EnRich enjoys a 70% VOD market share (including head-end server system & browser middleware in STB) and a 45% STB (set-top box) browser middleware market share in the Chinese cable market.
  • EnRich’s system and services are being used by nearly 18 million households (72 million users). The company has reached milestones in many different areas in the Chinese cable television market: first to invest in Digital Television VOD system; the largest system of Digital TV VOD; first digital NPVR system; first Digital Television SP Receiver System; and fastest OC Data Broadcasting System.

Key MPP Focus

  • To apply Marlin DRM into EnRich VOD and Digital Contents Distribution System.

Marlin Solutions

  • VOD system and Video content distribution system (under develop).


Website http://www.enrich-tv.com.cn/

Email [email protected]

Tom Lee / VP

Address 1 East ChanAn St. Oriental Plaza E1-304

Phone +86-8518 8002 X 9009