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Company Profile

  • Digital Keystone develops world-first digital entertainment solutions that enable Pay TV content access throughout the digital home. Digital Keystone technologies securely manage content protection rules as defined by content owners, and leverage Conditional Access and Digital Rights Management to provide secure platform-independent solutions. Some of the most innovative Digital Home entertainment systems shipping today are powered by Digital Keystone software, including PRISMA® and PODware®.
  • As part of our ongoing commitment to providing end-to-end content security solutions, Digital Keystone, in partnership with CableLabs and other international standards and certification organizations, also develops product specifications and certification tools that enable advanced Digital Home Pay TV gateways. These specifications (including DRI and OCUR) are the foundation for innovative gateway solutions that bridge the broadcast Conditional Access technology with the home network Digital Rights Management technology. Digital Keystone tools (including the industry-standard Murano™ and HPNX Pro™) assure compliance with those standards, and are relied on by leading system development partners worldwide.
  • The combination of DK specifications, software (PRISMA® and PODware®), and tools provides everything needed for the successful adoption, certification, and deployment of gateway solutions – with Digital Keystone, secure content distribution in the digital home is now a reality.

Key MPP Focus

  • Enable Marlin as an approved DRM output for CA-DRM gateway products
  • Promote the adoption of Marlin at public and private industry forums
  • Promote Marlin to MSOs, content providers, digital home platform developers
  • Showcase Marlin technologies incorporated into PRISMA-based gateways


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