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Company Profile

  • Cryptanium is an integrated software protection solution developed by whiteCryption and provides software code and key protection for Marlin enabled client software.
  • Cryptanium’s solutions include Code Protection for hardening client software code and Secure Key Box for protecting sensitive cryptographic keys within client software.
  • Cryptanium’s technology is included with the iOS and Android SDKs for ExpressPlay, a cloud-based packaging service for Marlin protected digital media content.
  • whiteCryption is a subsidiary of Intertrust Technologies.

Key MPP Focus

  • Both Code Protection and Secure Key Box are both essential technologies for protecting Marlin enabled client software and meeting content provider security requirements.

Marlin Solutions

  • Code Protection provides a wide variety of features for protecting Marlin enabled client software code including anti-debug, anti-piracy, customizable defense action, diversification, integrity protection, obfuscation and protection of shared libraries.
  • Secure Key Box protects Marlin DRM and other keys from potential exposure in client software through such features as data diversification and white box cryptography.
  • Both Code Protection and Secure Key Box support client software on Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, and iOS. Secure Key Box also supports Windows RT and BlackBerry PlayBook.



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