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Company Profile

  • CoreMedia is an international provider of content management and digital rights management solutions. CoreMedia CMS and DRM form the flexible basis for strategic content platforms that power corporate websites, intranets, SDPs and high-traffic media portals. By strongly integrating its intelligent Social Software and innovative Web TV services into an already-comprehensive product portfolio, CoreMedia enables staff, partners and customers to interact rapidly, creatively and productively. The company has successfully positioned itself in the highly-dynamic global market for Internet technology and is represented in every industry.
  • Over 200 companies worldwide rely on CoreMedia’s content management (CMS) and digital rights management (DRM) solutions, including ARD, ARTE, Bertelsmann,  BILD, Daimler, debitel, Deutsche Telekom, GMX, LG Electronics, NEC, MLP, Motorola, Nokia, O2, Panasonic, PREMIERE, Qualcomm, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, SWR, T-Mobile, T-Online, Vodafone and ZDF.

Key MPP Focus

  • CoreMedia provides DRM platform solutions for the telco industry. CoreMedia DRM supports every leading open DRM standard for a wide range of multimedia content types. This includes Marlin DRM for content protection. CoreMedia is a strong supporter of interoperable content protection service like the OMArlin bridge.
  • Compatible with leading DRM schemes including OMA DRM, Microsoft Windows Media DRM and Marlin DRM, CoreMedia DRM maximizes the technical reach of premium content services, ramping up content revenues from phone personalization and multi-channel entertainment services for operators and content providers.


Marlin Solutions

  • CoreMedia integrates the Marlin Broadband Server into the well established CoreMedia DRM platform. It offers the following features to complete a Marlin-enabled service delivery:
    •    Agent Notification
    •    User Registration
    •    Device Personalization
    •    License Acquisition
    •    Subscription within a carrier grade multi DRM platform.



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Knud Kegel, Product Manager
Bruno Acar, Manager Business Development EMEA

CoreMedia AG
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20459 Hamburg, Germany

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