China’s 1905 Movie Network Deploys Intertrust’s ExpressPlay Marlin DRM for Content

Intertrust® Technologies Corporation, a leading provider of trusted computing technologies, announced today that China’s 1905 Movie Network has selected its ExpressPlay™ video DRM cloud solution to integrate Marlin digital rights management (DRM) technology to manage and protect entertainment content via iOS and Android apps for mobile devices and desktops.

“1905” is the official website of CCTV-6 movie channel of China, also an emphasized website of the State Administration of Press, Publication, Film and Television of The People’s Republic of China. It brings entertainment from around the globe to Chinese consumers while protecting the rights of content providers. 1905’s subsidiary, 1905 Pictures, handles the business side of supporting the film industry in China, and was instrumental last year in bringing ‘Transformers 4’ to Chinese viewers.

ExpressPlay is a cloud-based DRM service for content protection that works across an array of popular consumer devices, including PCs, smartphones, Internet set top boxes, and and Smart TVs. 1905 completed integration with its own existing video distribution with ExpressPlay’s easy-to-use platform in one week.

“China is the world’s leading market for the distribution of digital copyrighted entertainment content,” said Kenny Huang, Managing Director for Intertrust China. “This development is largely due to a commitment by the Chinese government to promote policies, regulations, and standards that emphasize the importance of delivering secure content. Intertrust is honored that 1905 has selected ExpressPlay to assist in this endeavor.”

“1905 has been working diligently to protect the copyright of the content, and still provide a good user experience. Through our partnership with Intertrust, we are able to protect the content on traditional web browsers, mobile platforms, and other OTT platforms. As the inventor of many of the core technologies used in modern Internet content distribution, Intertrust is the best choice for DRM for high value Internet video services, which is why we chose ExpressPlay to protect and distribute our assets,” said Shihong Liu, Director of Technology of 1905. “ExpressPlay is robust, secure and easy to deploy, and supports multiple formats. More importantly, ExpressPlay harmonizes between our copyritght protection needs and a clean and enjoyable user experience and is invisible to our users.”



Intertrust invents, develops, and delivers technologies for trusted computing among leading global corporations from mobile and CE manufacturers and service providers, to enterprise software platform companies. Intertrust and its subsidiaries are also developing new trust services for vertical markets related to consumer privacy, Internet processing of DNA data, and smart grids. Intertrust also actively creates and invests in ventures that extend its market vision. Current and former portfolio companies include Personagraph,KabutowhiteCryptionSyncTVNest LabsKiora, and Planet OS.

Intertrust is also committed to driving open standards, and is one of the founders of Marlin DRM. Marlin is the DRM solution for YouView in the UK, Tivù in Italy, and for and many IPTV services in Japan. It is currently the fastest growing DRM technology in China. Intertrust’s Marlin ExpressPlay solution is rapidly growing for distributing video, audio, and eBook content, and Intertrust’s Seacert subsidiary is the world’s leading digital certificate authority for Marlin.

Founded in 1990 on a revolutionary vision to bring trust to operating systems and open networks, Intertrust is based in Silicon Valley, with regional offices in London and Beijing. The Company has a legacy of invention, and its fundamental contributions in the areas of computer security and digital trust are globally recognized. Intertrust holds hundreds of patents that are key to Internet security, trust, and privacy management components of operating systems, trusted mobile code and networked operating environments, web services, and cloud computing.

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1905 Movie Network is the official website of CCTV-6 movie channel and the key website of the State Administration of Press, Publication, Film and Television of The People’s Republic of China. Supported by the advantageous resources of CCTV-6’s program center, 1905’s mission is to promote the trend of global film industry, protect film rights, and focus on the overall development of Chinese film industry. The key features of 1905 are our exclusively produced TV programs, live broadcasting of global film festivals, and tens of thousands of legitimate high definition films. The mainstream services of 1905 include both desktop platform products (high definition film theater, film index, film college, 1905 private cinema, and film browser) and mobile platform products (1905 mobile client and mobile film newspaper). The users of 1905 film website has covered 170 countries, 5310 cities and areas globally. In the future, 1905 will continue to refine our business structure, integrate our resources, and shoulder the responsibility of helping Chinese film industry to reach out to the world.

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