Benefits & Value Prop

An Open Standard

Marlin DRM is the only widely deployed content protection technology available as an open standard: unlike proprietary DRM technologies, Marlin is not controlled by any one company. Marlin implementers can select from a number of independent ecosystem partners, not just ones with close ties to the technology holder. Marlin stakeholders can also ensure the technology and business environment and road track are not controlled to favor the agenda of a single company. The risk of proprietary technologies are that the controlling company may enter into a strategic partnership with or even be purchased by a competitor of one of the companies implementing that technology. The implementer then has to face the possibility that the business environment associated with the technology might be changed to favor their competitor.

An open ecosystem also brings multiple eyes on the market to help avoid one company fall behind with the latest in technological trends. Implementers benefit technically by being able to get access to the code if needed for development purposes, something more difficult to do with proprietary technologies. Implementers can also be assured the code has been peer reviewed, resulting in higher code and security quality.


Marlin is a flexible content protection technology adaptable for use on a wide variety of devices and supports a large range of business models. Through an available SDK6, developers can add Marlin support to iOS and Android mobile apps as well as Windows and MacOS desktop apps. Marlin is also supported by chip vendors supplying key components for devices, easing the path for OEMs to develop Marlin compatible set-top boxes, game consoles and other devices7. Marlin enabled devices in the market include Sony products such as the PlayStation 3 and 4 and Sony Internet TVs which connect to Sony Entertainment Network services and Philips and other manufacturers’ devices connecting to Philips Net TV services.


Marlin is not limited to just video; it also supports other content types as well.


Marlin DRM has been approved by the major movie studios and is deployed in content distribution services, mobile apps, chipsets, set-top boxes and other apps and devices throughout the world. As of July, 2014 over 200 million devices supporting Marlin have been deployed worldwide. Services deploying Marlin range from country scale Internet video delivery services to eBook distributors specializing Arabic and Eastern European languages.