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Company Profile

  • Arxan Technologies is a leading provider of application hardening solutions designed to protect software from attack. Arxan provides proven code and key protection technologies for desktop, embedded and server software, including software-powered consumer electronic devices.
  • We secure digital media applications and digital rights management (DRM) systems to comply with robustness rules, protect intellectual property (IP) and safeguard business models against tampering and compromise.
  • Our best-of-breed application security is durable, resilient, easy to deploy and non-disruptive to the application. We defend, detect, alert and react to software attacks in real-time on running applications, wherever it is distributed.
  • Arxan’s software protection solutions secure the world’s leading digital media providers, ISVs, enterprises and the government. Founded in 2001, Arxan Technologies has offices in Bethesda, MD, San Francisco, CA and West Lafayette, IN. Please visit

Key MPP Focus

  • Secure digital rights management (DRM) and conditional access systems
  • Protect against tampering and reverse-engineering of intellectual property
  • Safeguard revenue channels from piracy and unauthorized access on software applications distributed across desktop, server and embedded devices

Marlin Solutions

Provide protections for the Marlin ecosystem by securing Marlin DRM client deployments.

News and Events

Recent Event (webinar): Digital Entertainment is Going Everywhere. Can Security Keep Up?



[email protected]

+1 (301) 968-4290

6903 Rockledge Drive, Suite 910
Bethesda, MD 20817

Jodi Wadhwa, VP Marketing Programs
Amena Ali, Chief Marketing Officer
Vince Arneja, VP Product Management
Tom Van Gorder, VP Worldwide Sales & Channels
Sheena Alavi, Marketing Specialist