Contribute to Marlin Development

Shared Development. Broad Interests.

The Marlin Developer Community (MDC) is the innovation engine for Marlin. It continues to build on existing Marlin technologies in an open community.

The MDC’s mission is twofold – to develop specifications for an interoperable DRM platform for multimedia service, device and content providers, and to provide open access to these specifications to drive market adoption. 

MDC participants take part in standards development, code reviews, and joint development to satisfy the needs of all interests in the value chain. 

By encouraging developers to participate, the specifications and code are more robust, targeted, and secure. The MDC publishes the Marlin specifications and developers review, provide updates, and enhance these specifications. They can also propose new specification features and participate in code reviews and joint development. This openness enables any member of the community to contribute. Best practices for deployment emerge with professionally developed source code.

Preview Marlin specifications.

Participate in the Marlin specifications development process.

The table below identifies the membership privileges and resources available to Marlin participants and Marlin partners.

Privileges Matrix

Membership Privileges Participants Partners
Access to:    
     Released Specifications
     Draft Specifications  
     Common Test Keys
     Support (1)
Availability of Community Source Code: (2)    
     Sushi Marlin Client SDK
     Bluewhale Marlin Broadband Server
     Bento4 Marlin Packager
     Fishnet Conformance Test Suite  
     JetSki Client Server Reference Implementation  
Participation in:    
     Engineering Working Group  
     Requirements Working Group  
     Training Workshops
Involvement with:    
     Collaborative Marketing Events  

 For information and resources for Marlin Adopters, please visit the Deploy area of this website.


(1) Partner support is limited to the terms specified in Partner Agreement.
(2) Participants have on-going access to the Community Source Code repositories which include all community products and tools, including those items listed above. Partners receive periodic releases of core code, as listed above, but do not have continual access to the code repositories.