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Marlin Adopters choose the power of the comprehensive Marlin technology and the existing trust services infrastructure to deploy interoperable, value-added content services that meet their strategic business needs.

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Marlin Adopters deploy Marlin-enabled devices and services and content in the market, using both Marlin’s robust technology and infrastructure services. These companies can focus on their core business strategy to provide a compelling value-added content distribution system to their customers. The many critical infrastructure complexities of providing these content delivery services are minimized through the association with existing Marlin entities, such as the Marlin Trust Management Organization (MTMO) or Marlin Partners.


Overview of the Marlin Trust Management Organization

The Marlin Trust Management Organization is the operational entity that grants commercial licenses to deploy Marlin-based devices or services. The MTMO maintains the root key structure for Marlin implementations. It certifies that implementations are tested, secure, and commercially-ready. It also ensures that all Marlin parties conform to appropriate standards and can interoperate.  

The MTMO offers significant competitive advantages for Marlin adopters. It minimizes deployment costs and liabilities while efficiently scaling for significant deployment. It supports multiple distribution methods and enables real interoperability within the market.


Commercial licenses for Marlin technologies are available through the Marlin Trust Management Organization. Interim agreements are available for:

Service Provider Adopters: entities that provide Marlin services, such as license provisioning or renewability services. Service providers also need to be certified.

Client Adopters: entities that produce commercially available client devices or applications based on Marlin technology. Client Adopters will obtain licenses and certifications to allow them to deploy their technology in end-products and operational services. A certification process ensures that their implementations satisfy conformance, compliance, and robustness requirements.

Content Participants: entities that endorse Marlin technology and wish to release content in Marlin format. An interim agreement for this will be available shortly.

To download an interim Marlin Client Adopter or Marlin Service Provider Adopter Agreement, click here.

By signing the interim Marlin Client Adopter or Service Provider Agreement, you are entitled to:

  • Non-patent commercial use intellectual property rights (IPR)
  • Key management and certificate services
  • Compliance and robustness rules
  • Marlin renewability services

For a FAQ on adopting Marlin, click here.

Note: If you're interested in licensing relevant IPR that reads on Marlin, please note that Intertrust offers a licensing program for device manufacturers and service providers. For more details, click here


Trust Services

To outsource the generation and management of end-system keys for Marlin-enabled clients and/or services, Seacert is a 3rd party Provisioning Data Center (PDC) that can provide these services.

Marlin Adopters

To see which service and device companies are adopting Marlin technology, see either Service Provider Adopters or Client Adopters.