Marlin DRM Announces Solution for Enhanced Content Protection (ECP) for UHD Content

Sunnyvale, CA – January 15, 2018Marlin DRM, the only open standard Digital Rights Management (DRM), today announced a compliance and robustness (C&R) framework for enhanced content protection (ECP) for ultra-high-definition (UHD) content. This solution conforms with requirements set by the content industry.

The new C&R rules for ECP define security and content protection requirements for Marlin-based products that distribute UHD, 4K, and early-release window audiovisual content. The rules apply to chipset manufacturers (and integrators of content protection logic into hardware-based trusted execution environments), smart TVs, set top box manufacturers that integrate high security chipsets, and service providers. Marlin DRM’s self-certification process has been expanded to accommodate services, device manufacturers, and chipset manufacturers to comply with these new C&R rules around ECP.

“Marlin DRM has always led the way in video protection and management,” said Hide Hosokawa, Co-President of the MTMO. “These new C&R rules allow adopters of the world’s leading open standard for DRM to deploy and monetize the highest quality content in compliance with Hollywood’s most exacting security requirements.”

About Marlin DRM

Marlin DRM is the only open Digital Rights Management (DRM) standard with broad market adoption worldwide. The specifications were developed by Intertrust Technologies, Panasonic Corporation, Royal Philips, Samsung Electronics, and Sony Corporation in 2005, and are available through Marlin Developer Community (MDC), an open developer community. The Marlin Trust Management Organization (MTMO) serves as the licensing and trust authority for commercial deployments based on the specifications. For more information about the MDC, please visit: and MTMO, visit:

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