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Company Profile

  • Used by a wide variety of organizations from small eBook publishers to large-scale OTT streaming video providers, ExpressPlay is a low-cost, flexible and easy to use cloud-based service for packaging Marlin protected video, audio, eBook, game and other digital content.
  • With no setup fees, ExpressPlay has a variety of pricing plans suitable for organizations ranging from those with small-scale media distribution services to the largest media distribution conglomerate.
  • ExpressPlay works with all the media distribution models supported by Marlin including streaming, progressive download, sideload, etc.
  • ExpressPlay is a subsidiary of Intertrust Technologies.

Key MPP Focus

  • Cloud-based platform for packaging of Marlin DRM protected content for digital media distributors of any size.
  • Web based administration tools make it easy for distributors to monitor their ExpressPlay account.
  • Provides the necessary development environment needed for Marlin compliant client apps.

Marlin Solutions

  • The ExpressPlay platform includes the cloud-based ExpressPlay Service (EPS) for generation and tracking of Marlin tokens used in Marlin protected content, a REST API for EPS for use by media distribution online storefronts, the ExpressPlay Packager for content encryption and the ExpressPlay SDK for developing ExpressPlay and Marlin compliant iOS, Android and Silverlight (web) apps.
  • For distribution of streaming video, ExpressPlay supports adaptive bitrate technologies including MPEG-DASH and HLS. ExpressPlay also supports the HbbTV standard for hybrid broadcast and OTT services.
  • The ExpressPlay SDK also includes Cryptanium code hardening technology.




Scott Couts, Business Development

920 Stewart Drive
Sunnyvale, CA 94085

+1 408 616-1600
+1 800 393-2272 (within US)