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Company Profile

  • DigiOn offers next-generation software applications that deliver a superior user experience and high-quality networked services aiming to raise the quality of life for all people and contribute to a more comfortable society.

Marlin Solutions

  • DiXiM Marlin IPTV-ES Client SDK DiXiM Marlin IPTV-ES Client SDK is a client software development kit for developing audio visual devices with the following features defined in the Marlin IPTV-ES specification.
  • Video On Demand Service that allows users to select and watch/listen to content on demand. Operations, such as pausing, rewinding, and fast-forwarding video content are also available.
  • IP Multicast Service that allows users to distribute content simultaneously to a group of interested receivers on the IP network, just like TV broadcasting.
  • Download/Export Services that allows users to record content sent by Video On Demand or IP Multicast on local storage areas. Download service is only for recording content. Export service is for saving recorded content in a CPRM friendly DVD player and playing content at home with a DTCP-IP enabled device.
  • * Download and Export must be allowed by Content settings.
  • IP Retransmission of Terrestrial Digital Broadcasting Service that allows users to retransmit terrestrial digital broadcasting by the technology based on IP Multicast.

Key MPP Focus

  • SDK development evaluation.


Website www.digion.com

Yoshinobu Hisadome (Development Division)

2-3-8 Momchihama Sawaraku Fukuoka, Japan 814-0001