The Marlin Partner Program offers many benefits

Leverage Market Opportunities

Join the growing list of Marlin Partners to advance your business objectives. Work with multiple market-leading device manufacturers and service providers to identify market and solutions needs. Build and test Marlin solutions.

Marlin Partner Program Benefits

One-Stop Development Collaborative Marketing Cost Effective
Membership allows access to Marlin software, tools, and support services Program participates in joint trade events, industry presentations, market promotions, and press coverage The program has a minimal cost of $5,000 annually
Partners evaluate Marlin software code on a multi-year basis Partners referenced and programs promoted through website presence, marketing collateral, press coverage, white papers, and market solution profiles Early members receive reference code access and initial support services free
Program focus to accelerate technology development efforts for whole Marlin ecosystem Partners accelerate referrals to potential customers and generate sales leads Membership includes joint marketing initiatives


Compare the MPP to Other Marlin Programs

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