SyncTV Envisions Real Device Interoperability with Marlin Consumer-Domain


Real Interoperability Means Real Choice

SyncTV, a new TV download service currently in beta, offers home-theater quality TV shows on an unlimited download basis.  SyncTV chose Marlin for its domain-based open DRM technology. When fully deployed, the SyncTV service will offer the ability to play the episodes on up to five devices in the home and up to ten different portable devices. That kind of platform and device interoperability is powered by the Marlin platform and gives consumers real choice.

Keep the Service Fresh with New Devices and Offerings

Why did SyncTV choose Marlin, the community-developed open content sharing technology? With Marlin, SyncTV can easily attract the consumer electronics manufacturers and application developers to create products to support its service offerings. Interoperability keeps the service fresh. New devices, platforms and content become Marlin-enabled, and the value proposition increases for all. More content is offered on more devices with greater service offers. The innovation is in the community, not in the hands of one person. That choice translates into a consumer friendly focus that is a powerful, long-range market position.

Marlin Flexibility Lets SyncTV Meet Market Needs

SyncTV now offers subscriptions to TV channels, organized in the way consumers are familiar with. Subscriptions will cost a small monthly fee and allow viewers unlimited download. Other channels offer episodes on pay-per-download or advertising-supported basis. In the future, with Marlin’s flexibility, SyncTV can tailor its offerings based on consumer demand.

Why is SyncTV so promising? It lets consumers vote with their remote controls.  It doesn’t hope a closed system with limited devices will be the exact thing the consumers want. Content is still king and consumers want choice.