Telefonica Looks to Marlin for Value-Add Services 

Change happens fast, be prepared    

The mobile content market is poised to take off and Telefonica, SA is positioning itself in front. As one of the largest telecommunications company in the world, Telefonica is looking to Marlin to give it the flexibility, leverage, and cost advantage to lead in the emerging mobile content and commerce markets.

Easily expand the user environment

Using Marlin, and its OMArlin functionality, Telefonica can leverage its work and investment in the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) and create a seamless content distribution environment for its many million mobile phone users. When mobile networks work with local area networks (LANs), customers can purchase, access, and use their content where and when they want, on mobile phones, PCs, or other future devices.

It’s not a simple rent vs. own world anymore

By choosing a Marlin implementation, Telefonica won’t need to know tomorrow’s business models today. The flexibility of the Marlin system architecture means that Telefonica can create personalized offers, ads, subscriptions, or purchases at the point where their consumer is most engaged, regardless of device. For the student in Madrid, the offer to subscribe to an ad-supported movie preview service delivered on the mobile might be on target. For the office worker in Barcelona, the offer might be subscription-based with no ads and delivered to the PC.

Respond to revenue opportunities quickly

This incredible business model flexibility also gives Telefonica the ability to change the offers – next week or next year – without having to re-deploy the “rights management” technology.  Reducing the time and cost of deploying new services, offers, devices, or delivery mechanisms is a powerful competitive advantage in this emerging mobile world. Marlin can give Telefonica that advantage.

Reduce Implementation and maintenance costs

As new service-enabled devices come to market, Telefonica can easily provision them, transferring all existing content and associated rights. Reducing customer care costs and getting consumers’ get out the door quickly with a new device is not only a smart, it is strategic in the competitive wireless world.