Technical Working Groups 

The Marlin Developer Community has two technical working groups.

  • Engineering Working Group: This working group develops Marlin Specifications at the request of the Marlin Developer Community (MDC) Management Committee. Specification Releases are in the form of Specifications Documents, Conformance Test Specifications, and Reference Implementations.

Working Group Overview

Participation in a Technical Working Group (WG) starts with subscribing to the WG’s mailing list ( or, and participating in either Requirements, Specifications or Community Code Development, following the guidelines in the Working Group Processes (see below).

Working Group Meetings, whether by teleconference or in-person, are announced on the mailing list. Other business is conducted on the list as well; this includes having discussions and the distribution of proposals. The document and meeting archives are kept in the source repository. 

Working Group Processes

In addition to the Processes described in the Participation Agreement, the following documents also apply:

Working Group Meeting and Conference Call Schedule

  • The current year meeting schedule can be found here.
  • The Engineering Working Group usually meets for one to two days at every face-to-face MDC meeting. Phone conferences are scheduled as needed, and announced on the mailing list. 

Working Group Meeting Minutes  

  • Minutes are maintained in the Working Group's Subversion Repositories.  For the Engineering Meeting Minutes, click here, for the Requirements Meeting Minutes, click here