The Marlin Developer Community has a variety of resources in this Downloads area available for you to learn more about Marlin technology.

If you are just beginning, review the White Papers and Use Cases.

For more specific or detailed information, refer to the Glossary, Technical FAQ, Code Name Table, or Workflow diagram.

You may preview the Specifications and Common Test Keys (CTKs) by creating an account on this website. To do so, click here. (For additional details, see the Preview Specifications Note below.)

If you choose to join the MDC as a participant, you may download final and draft specifications and code that has been contributed to the MDC. You can also recommend modifications and enhancements to both the specifications and code. To learn more, click here.

Looking for Code downloads available to Marlin Partners? Click here.

How to Preview Specifications

Create an account by selecting ‘Log In’ on the main menu and following the ‘create new account’ menu item instructions. Once you are logged in, you may access the specifications page in the downloads area.

Note: If you are an existing partner or participant of the Marlin Developer Community, you will need to log-in before accessing the specifications, the partner area, or the participant area.