Intertrust, along with the Marlin Developer Community periodically offers one-day technical training courses that are free to the public. In 2012, we offered the training in Madrid on October 15th, London on March 23rd, and Bangalore on January 10th. To be notified of the upcoming training course or other events, please send an email to: The Marlin Technical Training covers the following topics:
  • How to build a Marlin service in 30 minutes
  • Marlin Organizational Overview
    • What's Marlin (MDC, MTMO, Intertrust, Partner program, who does what, etc.)
    • How Marlin works in general
    • Where to go for information (specs, code, etc.)
  • Content packaging and distribution technology
    • DCF & PDCF
    • HLS
  • Marlin Server Side technology
    • Hosted Marlin Service (HMS)
    • Bluewhale Marlin Broadband Server
    • Roll-your-own Marlin Secure Simple Streaming (MS3) service
  • Marlin Client Side technology
    • What is Wasabi
    • Wasabi API
    • Wasabi on Mobile
    • Wasabi on STB/TV
    • Wasabi for HTML5
  • Implementation Security
    • SKB
    • How to get keys from Seacert
    • Provisioning keys (factory, Seacert online, custom, etc.)
    To download the training slideware, click here.
    For an HTML version of this material, click here.
    To download Fujitsu's presentation made at the Madrid Technical Training, click here.