Technology and Service Providers Announce Technology Bridge between OMA and Marlin DRM Standard


"OMArlin" specification provides interoperability between open standards for consumer DRM

Sunnyvale, CA, March 29, 2007 –The Marlin Developer Community (MDC) today announced a technology specification called "OMArlin" that bridges between the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) DRM v.2.0 and the Marlin DRM standards.

The OMArlin specification provides a simple way to build devices and services, and to package content so that OMA and Marlin DRM technologies interoperate. Conformant devices will transparently process content packaged using the common format, which is fully OMA and Marlin compatible.

The bridging of these two standards will give service providers and device manufacturers an expanded set of open standards-based technologies that they may use in their consumer offerings. Consumers will benefit from a uniform experience that frees them from having to choose between Marlin-based and OMA-based devices. Consumers using OMA or Marlin devices can seamlessly enjoy content they obtain from services implementing OMArlin. 

"Bridging Marlin and OMA is very important as it provides adopters of one standard the opportunity to leverage the resources and features of the other," said Emmanuel Attali, Technical Manager for DRM at Orange. "OMArlin provides a unified, friendly user experience for consumers using content services and service-enabled devices."

The OMArlin specification was originally developed by a group of technology and service providers including Intertrust, Philips, and CoreMedia with input from Orange, Vodafone, and the other Marlin founders including Panasonic (Matsushita Electric), Samsung, and Sony.
"OMA v2.0 and Marlin have always had a natural synergy and this specification locks down the implementation options in a simple, open and elegant way," said Gerard Lokhoff, Coordinator of Project OMArlin and Philips MDC representative. "Marlin's flexible domain management and home networking features coupled with OMA's strong feature set and broad adopter base means that the world can look at both technologies as a powerful single open platform."

The OMArlin technology delivers a concrete implementation formula that defines specific ways for this interoperability to materialize, eliminating ambiguity, and allowing adopters of either standard to have the assurance of interoperability. The specification will become a formal MDC specification and will be an integral part of ongoing and prospective activities aimed at consolidating interoperability between the Marlin and OMA DRM standards.

The OMArlin specification will be shortly available from the Marlin Developer Community.

About Marlin and the Marlin Developer Community

In January 2005, the five Marlin founders - Intertrust Technologies, Matsushita Electric (Panasonic), Royal Philips Electronics, Samsung Electronics, and Sony Corporation - formed a joint development association to develop Marlin technology.  The group's goal was to develop the specifications to a point of maturity, and to create an open developer community to drive their adoption in the market. In October 2005, the joint development association announced the creation of the Marlin Developer Community, an organization whose goal is to accelerate the development and commercial deployment of Marlin, and in May 2006 Marlin's founders released technology specifications. The MDC invites interested developers and adopters to participate in the review, testing and further development of specifications, reference technologies, tools, technical documentation and Software Developer Kits (SDKs).

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