Marlin Trust Management Organization now Open to Commercial Adopters

Neutral Marlin DRM trust utility ensures system integrity and preserves business

Sunnyvale, CA, January 04, 2007
– The Marlin Developer Community (MDC)
and the Marlin Trust Management Organization (MTMO) today announced that
the MTMO is now open to provide trust management services for the commercial
adoption of Marlin DRM. Among the trust services that the MTMO announced as
being operational are Marlin certification, key management, and renewability

Device and service providers wishing to field Marlin products and services can
download legal agreements to become Marlin adopters at www.marlin-trust.
. Compliance and robustness rules for Marlin-compliant
products and services can be found in the legal agreements.
Marlin adopters also have the option of obtaining cryptographic certificates and
keys from MTMO-delegated certificate authorities known as Provisioning Data
Centers (PDCs).

Marlin technology provides content protection, distribution, and sharing
capabilities for devices and services. Marlin-based devices and services allow
flexible sharing of content both in a consumer’s home networking environment
and in situations where a consumer wishes to share content across networks.
Information on joining Marlin may be found at

About Marlin and the Marlin Trust Management Organization

In January 2005, the five Marlin founders – Intertrust Technologies, Matsushita
Electric (Panasonic), Royal Philips Electronics, Samsung Electronics, and Sony
Corporation – formed a joint development association to develop Marlin
technology. The group’s goal was to develop the specifications to a point of
maturity, and to create an open developer community to drive their adoption in
the market. In October 2005, the joint development association announced the
creation of the Marlin Developer Community (MDC), to accelerate the
development and commercial deployment of Marlin. In May 2006, Marlin’s
founders released technology specifications in an effort to get interested
developers and adopters to participate in the review, testing and further
development of the specifications, reference technologies, tools, technical
documentation and Software Developer Kits (SDKs). For more information about
Marlin, please visit

The Marlin Trust Management Organization (MTMO) is an independent entity
created by the Marlin founders. The MTMO provides trust management services,
such as certification and key management for commercial purposes, and
enforces the appropriate use and security requirements of Marlin technology.

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