My name is Scott Smyers. I am special adviser to the Marlin Founders working in the role of business development for the Marlin DRM technology.

I have been active in the area of content distribution and protection, starting in 1997 when I chaired a discussion group under the Content Protection Technical Working Group, to deliver a link protection system that would protect content as if flows over a home network. The resulting technology was called DTCP, and it is very much alive and well today.

After that I helped UPnP become an open standards body, and during that process I helped form the Digital Living Network Alliance, in which I served as President and Chairman of the Board for 7 years. I also helped to form the Marlin Developer Community to develop and deliver content protection technologies essential for digital commerce around commercial entertainment content.

I will be posting blogs on this site that explore different areas of DRM, online commerce, consumer experience and other matters related to content and content protection. Please enjoy your reading. Your comments are always welcome, either to the blog itself, or to me directly at: