Features & Benefits Table

Marlin's powerful features are enabled by its unique capabilities in rights management, technology architecture, and community approach.  

  Feature Benefit Result
Rights Management Content licenses (or subscriptions) targeted to consumers, not devices Content portability among devices (peer-to-peer)

Allows natural user experience

Content portability among devices (peer-to-peer) DRM transparency and simplicity
Proximity based usage rules Content portability within shared vicinity (i.e., "visit a friend" or "guest pass") Offers consumers flexibility while respecting content owners' rights
Robust usage metering capabilities Usage data collection and storage allows for favorable service/content licensing terms Expanded revenue opportunities with better-targeted value-add services
Secure audit data communications options
DRM system "roles" defined with flexibility to implement on any device over any network Consumer domain is not limited to a PC-centric mode All devices can be used to acquire and share content, regardless of device type
Device and platform deployment neutrality First system to offer functionally equivalent deployment regardless of platform or format delivery means Unlimited opportunities to meet target market needs through content, service and device alliances
Community Approach Community source code development Access to robust, peer-tested code facilities cost-effective deployments Technology supports market, not other way around
Rapid deployment of new features DRM as enabling not disabling technology
Code enhancement driven by market needs, not proprietary interest Value chain interests represented
Core interoperability framework True interoperability is a fundamental design feature, not an afterthought or 'add-on' Expands market opportunities (service providers extend reach to broad class of devices. Device providers address a range of service offerings)
Community enhanced security Open specification allows community members to discover, report, and correct code errors Professionally developed source code is made available to members of the community
Adopters can examine best practices for secure integration and deployment